David Soliday, MDiv, MTS

Instructional Technologist, Information Services

As the Instructional Tech at OWU, my work is at the exciting intersection of education and technology. My job involves seeing and making connections between people and computers, tradition and innovation, the frustration of not knowing and the satisfaction of that “Aha!” moment of realization. I am drawn to the Silk Road as a metaphor for our modern lives and a reminder that human life has often been a journey of encounter and exploration, of seeking and sharing, throughout the ages.


I have worked in OWU Information Services since 2008, when I started as the Help Desk Manager and Technical Trainer. I became our first Instructional Technologist in 2010 and have been supporting the faculty in their teaching and assessment since. I have co-taught two UC160: The OWU Connection courses and one EMAN340: E-Commerce Business Strategies. I have assisted other course connections with their websites; this is the first that I’ve also been involved in the planning and implementing.

My personal interests in the Silk Road are music, dance and religion.