Carol Neuman de Vegvar, PhD

Frank L. and Eva L. Packard Professor, Department of Fine Arts
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I teach art history in the Department of Fine Arts, and am coordinator of medieval studies in the Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program at Ohio Wesleyan University. I received my Ph.D. in the history of medieval art from the University of Pennsylvania. My research is on early medieval art in Anglo-Saxon England and Ireland; my more general areas of interest are the roles of art in the cultures that produce and receive it, and the movements of people, objects and ideas between cultures along such vectors as the Silk Road.


In the context of the Silk Road Course Connection, I teach ART 349: Islamic Art, which explores the development and diversity of Islamic art and architecture in light of both the aesthetics and functional needs of Islam as a wellspring of continuities and the artistic identities of some of the regional cultures and groups within the Islam world over time.