Anne Sokolsky, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Literature
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I am an Associate Professor and also the Chair of the Department of Humanities-Classics. My Ph.D. is in Modern Japanese Literature from the University of California, Berkeley.


The courses I teach that are related to the Silk Road are courses on East Asian and Arabic literature. I lived in Japan for eight years and I lived in Morocco for two so I know both an Asian language (Japanese) and Arabic. The parts of the Silk Road I have seen are China and India. My interest in the Silk Road began when I was living in Japan. One of my Japanese teachers had gone on a Silk Road tour. The stories of her adventures and her beautiful photographs were breath taking and I decided that some day I wanted to go on a similar trip. My second contact with the Silk Road was when I heard Yo Yo Ma and his Silk Road Ensemble perform at Tanglewood in the Berkshire mountains.


As a professor at Ohio Wesleyan University who teaches courses mainly about modern Asian and Arabic literature, my interest in the Silk Road today is to study how it is commodified in our current culture and how it was a precursor for the globalization we are experiencing today.