Division I Social Sciences

  • ECON 370 Economic Systems (Skosples)
  • HIST 111 Introduction to Early Europe (Arnold)
  • HIST 300.x The Black Death (Arnold)
  • SOAN 293 East Asia Yesterday and Today (Peoples)
  • SOAN 294 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East (Yalcinkaya)

Division II Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science

  • BOMI 125 Introduction to Microbiology (Tuhela-Reuning)
  • ZOOL 313 Entomology (Carreno)

Division III Humanities/Literature

  • CHIN 300.5 Introduction to Chinese Literature (Wu)
  • CHIN 3006. Third Year Chinese Conversation (Wu)
  • HMCL 127 Myth, Legend, and Folklore of Non-Western Traditions (Sokolsky)
  • HMCl 300.12 Literary Encounters in the Medieval Mediterranean (Livingston)
  • HMCL 356 Great Books of East Asia (Sokolsky)
  • HMCL 499a Geisha, Belly Dancers, and Dragon Ladies: Debunking the Myth of the “Oriental” Woman (Sokolsky)
  • REL300.x Medieval Islamic Society (Gunasti)***(pending APC approval)

Division IV: Arts

  • ART 348 Asian Art and Architecture (Emmer)
  • ART 349 Islamic Art (Neuman de Vegvar)
  • MUS 348 Survey of World Music (Roden)